Before you begin therapy, there’s something you should know…

Many people get therapy, for a variety of reasons.

  • To feel better
  • To recover from trauma or abuse
  • To recover from addiction
  • To learn how to manage their emotions
  • To figure out what they need
  • To solve a personal problem

But what happens when therapy doesn’t work, or doesn’t work very well?

Before you get therapy, or if the therapy you’ve received hasn’t helped as much as you hoped, you need to read this new ebook, and Uncover the Myths of Traditional Therapy for yourself!

Uncovering 13 Myths of Traditional Therapy (cover)


Jesi Hudson

“Nadine puts multiple aspects of Traditional Therapy and Societal Myths about mental health on trial. Her book outlines the value of an alternative approach to mental health. The case studies she includes present a variety of anecdotes from those who have been let down by conventional approaches to engaging trauma. They have found an alternative path that seems to work for them with Nadine. Her approach to emotional mastery leaves room in for spirituality and magic.”

~ Jesi Hudson ~


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