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Transformational Speaker, Coach, Author, Mom, Movie Star, Super-Heroine, Synergist, Karaoke Singer, Dancer, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventuress, Inventor, Designer, Goddess & More! Nadine Sabulsky is the Prima Imagina of SatoriaNation and Originator/Developer of Naked Life Coaching™

Barbie vs “Real Life”

A few years ago, I got the opportunity to paint my newly purchased house. I was thinking of a blue-violet with red trim, but when I got the paint cards together with the color red I wanted, the best match turned out to be a pinkish-violet. A while later – maybe a year after it was done – I asked my boyfriend what he thought of it, and he goes “it looks like a Barbie mansion!” This was a surprise to me, but immediately appreciated. See, I had always wanted Barbie dolls when I was a kid, but I was denied them. At the time, my conservative Christian mom said it was because “Barbie is a sex symbol” and a “dating doll”. Years later, when the Heart Family (a Barbie & Ken style doll with two children) came out, I was allowed to have them. But the thing is, I […]

Announcing: Dating After Heartbreak Mastermind

This Mastermind Program is designed to help you heal from your heartbreak PLUS meet & attract your perfect partner, without wasting time dating the wrong people or chasing those who don’t want you, by teaching you healthy new relationship habits from the start. This Mastermind Program is for you if… Your heart has been broken, and you don’t feel like you’re fully healed. You long to meet someone who’s perfect for you, but instead you’re wasting time dating the wrong people. You’ve been stuck in a rut of chasing people who don’t want you. You want to know how to find and attract someone who’s a perfect fit for your dream lifestyle and build your dream relationship.   In this Mastermind Program you will discover: How to completely heal yourself, so you’re not bringing baggage into your new relationships. How to quickly meet and attract ONLY the best potential partners […]

#1 Life Coach in Scottsdale – Ranked A+ by

I’m pleased to announce… gave The Naked Life Coach an A+ rating and selected me as one of the Best Life Coaches in Scottsdale for 2021! While the blurb about each business is placed alphabetically by company name, I’m one of only 3 who ranked A+, and out of those, have the highest number of reviews, at 97 (and counting). So I want to send a big shout out to all my awesome clients who helped make this possible by leaving a review… Thank you all so much, and let’s continue to make 2021 an amazing year! Read the full article, including their selection and ranking criteria, at Jump straight to The Naked Life Coach ranking at See client video reviews – or Contact me if you’d like to submit a video review See reviews on Google See reviews on Facebook See reviews on Yelp Award for Best Life Coaches in Scottsdale 2021

Happy On a Daily Basis

“I think it’s a great program. It’s really taught me a lot of great tools to help with my emotions and deal with everything. I’m a lot more happy on a daily basis, and I feel more positive energy around me and a more positive attitude. My advice would be to do it. It really changes you, it really helps.” ~ Chris Hjelkrem ~  

What Are 90% of Self-Help Gurus Wrong About?

Let me ask you something, how many self-help books have you read in your lifetime? And let me ask you this… how many times have you actually put everything (or even anything) you read about, into action? Recently, I have been having an email conversation with someone who’s new to my newsletter. I’ll call him AJ. AJ started out replying to the welcome email and first free training, and wrote me a list of 3 questions… I responded openly to his questions, and asked what prompted him to ask those specific questions, what did he really want to know? He replied, quite succinctly, and shared where he is right now and what he’s struggling with and trying to learn. And then he asked a few more questions. And I replied. And he asked more questions… We have had quite an interesting conversation all week, in fact! One of his questions […]

How to Meet Your Perfect Partner – Free Training!

I’ve received quite a few messages recently asking how I met my amazing partner. So I was thinking of creating a free training where I show you exactly how I met him, and even more importantly, how we’ve made our relationship so wonderful.

From Hurt, Angry & Hateful, to Waking Up Happy!

“I was abandoned at a young age… my hurt turned to anger, my anger turned to hate, and it led to drug & alcohol addiction, and spiraled out of control. [After the] Emotional Baseline reset, I woke up happy. That’s a powerful thing, that at age 40, something I’ve never experienced since I was a little kid, to wake up and just be happy!” ~ Michael Seward ~ Owner – PopArt29

A Fun Way to Get Over My Insomnia & PTSD!

“I actually have a sleep app, and prior to [the Emotional Mastery program] I was barely sleeping and it was broken sleep. Since then, I’ve been averaging an unheard of amount of sleep. The entire problem has seemingly been eradicated. I haven’t had any weird anxious reactions to my PTSD triggers either. A complete success! This is amazing, and you might not think it would actually work, but it does. I recommend it highly. It’s effective and powerful, and fun to play with your subconscious!” ~ Z.C. ~

Choosing to Be Happy

“I had just gone through a breakup, and I was having a lot of negative persistent thoughts. Just reliving my pain over and over again… From Nadine’s course, I really learned how to have a more positive mental attitude… It’s really powerful to wake up each morning and choose to be happy and positive and have hope for the future.” ~ Angela Wilson ~  

This Totally Improved Our Relationship!

“I would highly recommend Nadine if you’re having any problems in your life, if it’s a relationship problem or just internal emotions, or any kind of issues that you’re having with your past, I feel that everybody needs the Emotional Mastery, no matter what, and it’s so easy to do that anybody can do it, and you’ll have results on the first try, you’ll immediately feel a difference. Thank you, Nadine!” ~ Levi Henry ~ “Its been a good experience. I learned how to make myself happier, accept things that are and deal with them, figure out where I’m at and where I’m going, and figure out how to help him.” ~ Daniel Butts ~