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Naked Life Coaching was founded by Nadine Sabulsky (see bio) in April 2010


Hello, You Wonderful Human Being!

I’m Nadine. Thanks for stopping by, it’s really nice to have you here. I hope I get to meet you soon!

A little about me… I grew up in the Michigan countryside, with a school teacher mom and a construction business dad. I’ve always been a huge reader. At age 10, I discovered the wonderful world of sci-fi, and became terminally fascinated with human potential, psychology and sociology, and everything metaphysical.

At age 13, I rebelled against my conservative religious upbringing, and became a practicing Wiccan. However, by age 15, I came to the conclusion that spells and rituals are not necessary to “work magic”, rather, the only real requirement was to use one’s will and one’s word. So I began to focus solely on honing those in myself.

I’m a self-starter, a lifelong entrepreneur, and well-educated in a huge variety of topics. I’ll devour books in one sitting, and collect seemingly random facts, that, put together, call forth a new reality.

In 2008-9, I lost everything. My true love, my two businesses, my house, my drivers license and my car… it was like a bad country song (apologies if you enjoy those, haha)

I was in a perilous situation. And even though I’d been practicing my “magic”, I realized that I wasn’t consistently applying what I knew, and it seemed I was missing a key ingredient. 

I meditated deeply on this. I compared the times I “successfully” manifested what I wanted, to the times I “failed”, and I finally figured out the formula. 

This discovery immediately led to me manifesting a new business, a new home, and many more awesome people, experiences, and lovely things into my life!

Today, I love teaching people how to access and consciously use this manifestation ability which we’re all born with.

We are *always* manifesting, everything in our lives is an expression of the combination of our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

The only question is, are we consciously manifesting only what we choose to experience, or are we just running on “autopilot”, manifesting unconsciously from a mismatched grab bag of accrued beliefs and past experiences?

Let me help you get congruence and alignment within, so you too can experience truly living a life you love!

I promise that it does take some initial effort – just as with learning any new thing – yet with practice, your daily life, and even HUGE life changes and goals, become soooo much easier, and things begin to happen almost effortlessly, and even when there is effort or actions required, it becomes inspired and JOYFUL effort, rather than a struggle.

I’ve experienced the stress and struggle, the heartbreak of having huge dreams yet not ever feeling like I could achieve them, and I found a way, a set of proven processes that work every time, to get that alignment and have anything and everything I want in my life.

It does take focus. It does take raising your awareness. But that’s a very small price to pay when the result is unlimited freedom of choice and opportunity.

I truly love my life, and I want to help you love yours, too.






I work with clients worldwide via Zoom or Skype, as well as locally in Phoenix Arizona USA. I teach a skill-set that can be applied to any and all areas of life to successfully effect change and help you reach your goals and dreams for:


  • Awesome Relationships

  • Inner Emotional Peace & Happiness

  • Successful Entrepreneurship

  • Health & Wellness

  • Time Management & Organization


I teach a combination of:


  • Metaphysics & Neuroscience

  • Mindfulness & Conscious Choices

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Management Skills

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Integration
  • Communication & Negotiation Skills

  • Relationship Skills (including conflict management & boundary-setting)

  • Entrepreneurship Skills – from web design to systems design, sales & marketing, time management, S.M.A.R.T. goal-setting, and more!


In short, I teach you all the skills that are never taught in school that will allow you to finally have the epic life of your dreams!






Everyone Always Asks Me…

Why Naked?

In addition to all the amazing skills and processes I teach, I believe non-sexual nudity enhances the coaching process in a few ways.

First, we’re naked together, so there’s nothing to hide, promoting greater honesty, which leads to faster results.

Secondly, it helps people achieve greater self acceptance, which can have a cascade effect towards achieving additional goals.

Thirdly, I think we’re all traumatized when being naked while at a very young age. You may have noticed most (if not all) toddlers will take their clothes off and run around naked. Then along comes the adult, who with stern words or actions lets the child know, in no uncertain terms, that they are “wrong”, yet the child’s mind does not understand why, only that they were naked and free and happy, and so I believe this causes lifelong trauma for some, and I’ve explicitly (no pun intended) demonstrated that non-sexual nudity, combined with unconditional acceptance, in a one on one or group setting, can help us all to heal that  unrecognized early trauma.

And finally, I think that it helps people accept change on a subconscious level. For most people, getting naked with others in an outside-the-box setting (i.e. a non-sexual, non-sports, interpersonal setting) might seem like a huge step. In addition, most people fear change, because they think it’s going to be difficult, take a long time, and be uncomfortable or even painful. So, initiating that very first change, although it may seem psychologically uncomfortable, is relatively quick and easy to accomplish, and within a few minutes the person quickly becomes comfortable. I think that triggers the subconscious to accept that perhaps it is wrong about other changes. Perhaps other changes can be accomplished just as easily and comfortably and quickly. And they can!






Please note: non-sexual nudity is always mutual, optional, and to your comfort level. See our FAQ

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