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It’s Been a Busy Year So Far!

Wow! How time flies! I have been super busy. So busy I didn’t even realize how long it’s been since I last blogged… a major update is in order! Hmm there’s so much… where do I begin? This month marks my 5 Year Anniversary as The Naked Life Coach! Hurray! […]



We’ve been featured on Artistic Nudes!

It’s always great to see my work being shared! Thanks to John for featuring my retreat workshop video on ArtisticNudes.com *big smiles*

West of Eden

Photo: Michael Sarda Models: Katrina Rainsong & Nathan Machutta I’m just going to put this out there. Here’s my personal opinion of the Garden of Eden story. As you’re probably aware by now, I think that the entire Universe is one energy, that we are all part of that energy, […]

Katrina Rainsong & Nathan Machutta

Nude Art Night

Nude Art Night!

Nova Hall and I are reviving Nude Art Night! At least once a month we have an event at which we engage at least 2 models to pose nude, and artists of any medium are welcome to come create with us! Our past events have been quite fun! Anyone who […]