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I’m behind on my self-appointed schedule for writing. This blog post should’ve been published yesterday, and I’ve been toying with the idea of actually publishing on Monday, or maybe even Friday. I’m also behind on my video editing. I’ve got 3 episodes of the show backed up on my computer, […]


Katrina Rainsong & Nathan Machutta

West of Eden

Photo: Michael Sarda Models: Katrina Rainsong & Nathan Machutta I’m just going to put this out there. Here’s my personal opinion of the Garden of Eden story. As you’re probably aware by now, I think that the entire Universe is one energy, that we are all part of that energy, […]

One World Time

For centuries humans have marked time using day and night as a benchmark. We have marked days, using the movement of earth (with its tilted axis) around the sun, as days grow shorter or longer due to the degree of tilt and the oblong orbit bringing us closer or further […]


Of The Earth: Live Music

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Wow! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! There are only a few weeks left ’til our weekend retreat! Everything is ready to go – we’ve got some amazing things planned for your enjoyment 🙂 In addition to the phenomenal experiential training you’ll receive to Design (and Manifest) Your […]

Smile and Feel Good!

Do you feel overwhelmed with emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, stress, sadness or depression? The #1 thing you can do to improve your life, right now, and all the time, is… SMILE! Why is it so simple? When you smile you trigger your body to release the chemicals that feel […]

Smile and feel good

Get Naked

April Foolishness

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

The latest diet or the latest fitness craze, when you begin any definite plan of action you are in effect utilizing a tool that will allow your mind to accept the fact that you control your reality. The effect of will, mind over matter, is also the cause of the […]

This Naked Life Coaching Client Lost 45 lbs without dieting